Sunday, September 11, 2011

But, can your BIM do this for me?

No matter how often this question is asked, I still get surprised!
Why should BIM ‘per se’ do anything for me or you?
Due to my role and working within BIM in AEC, I regularly get interrogated on not just BIM’s capabilities but also its perceived willingness to ‘serve’ us one way or other.

Don’t all BIM narratives start with the “BIM is not a technology, BIM is an approach”...question?
A philosophy, I like to add, a belief, a toolset, a lifestyle.
As little or as much as you’d let it to impact on your life, in good ways or bad, sometimes in totally unexpected ways...
but still, will not ‘do things’ for you, I’m afraid – you are on your own there...

‘...Ask not what your country can do for you...ask what you can do for your country’
A bit naughty to misuse the famous Kennedy quote in such a lowly context, still it so often pops to my mind when I get questions like today’s title – that I can no longer fight the urge to use it somewhere. Sorry.

Also just realised the significance of today’s date... my intention to garnish this little post with a historical picture of two popular presidents looks suddenly less than appropriate.
Hopefully still not a big deal for a little bim-blog lost in the BIG World Wide Web...