Monday, September 12, 2011

Husband crushes cans for living...

...well, he did over the last summer... Entertained dozens of children stuck in the desert city for parts of the long, hot school holiday by suspending ping-pong balls on columns of air, blowing up vinegar based rockets, crashing empty cans of fizzy drinks using cold water...
 He also created make shift pulleys and kept me worrying for days that someone will get injured through these exciting but sometimes accident-prone experiments...
Like getting poked in-the-eye with a straw.

Today, it is his birthday.
A real thinker and tinker if there ever was one, poor man had been bitten by the bim-bug through marriage numerous years ago.
Ever since that happened I’ve had enjoyed the luxury of using him as a guinea-pig whenever I needed one for my own experiments of outputting complex construction information to ‘lay’ people.

It was through his use of 3D PDFs as primary presentation tools to our clients that I got convinced of the importance of ‘user-friendly’ communication, how ‘intuitive’ should be truly that both for the receiver as well as the sender of the information. 

He managed to highlight the shortcomings of construction information communication to me like no one from within the industry could previously and consequently re-infect me with the bim-bug. From those beginnings I’ve been chasing clarity, meaning and purpose in communicating AEC projects.

Happy BD Graham!