Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Can your Grid do what mine can?

Daily blogging has gifted me with a stable readership.
Steady if largely passive, mostly and thankfully, polite too. Any ‘abuse’ I get comes from those that know me and would probably challenge me regardless of the medium.
Occasionally an anonymous spike hits, but comparing to the ‘anonymous’ phone threats I was subjected-to in the past from concerned competitors, these I easily brush aside.
All-in-all getting on with the blog...
BTW – did you know that ‘generic’ blogging is a bit of a geriatric thing nowadays?
Tumblr is all the rage. Must make an effort to explore it a bit...and if I miss it, there will be another coming up soon...A bit like buses... Or was it girlfriends, someone famous said?

Read a good book last week: Ian McEwan – Solar. Recommend it. Even managed to get my husband to read it, started at the middle, but got back to the beginning and is close to finishing it without losing interest.
Apart from the beautifully crafted language I so enjoy from McEwan it is the way he deals with global warming.
In a thoroughly ‘refreshing’ way if I may attempt a pun.
I wish he could get interested in the subject of BIM.

And what about the grid from the title?
Just realised that Archicad’s grids indeed turn towards the viewer.
The little Mona-Lisas of the BIM world!