Saturday, September 17, 2011

“Here, take it! I’ve got nothing to hide...”

Says the architect, ponytail flicking vigorously from left to right, then in reverse.
He throws a CD onto the table (came prepared?) then lifts both hands up in the air, palms turned to me – showing the non-existence of any weapons.
“The building is resolved, coordinated, documented.
You are free to pull the model apart, reference it back to the drawings we issued.
It is fully in synch with the written specifications, the BOQ is automatically generated....”

A fanciful story I imagine while repeating for the ‘n’t time, ‘why releasing the digital model by the architect to the contractor would do no harm to the project’.
And for the ‘n’t time he says ‘no’, ponytail sitting calmly on his neck, protruding modestly behind one ear.

Guided by the wise words of his insurers, that advise designers not to get involved in means, methods, safety, sequencing and anything to do with releasing digital models to anyone, he is confident and calm, whereas my frustration is steadily building up.

“Actually, I do not see where your concerns come from...” he says, adding to the injury “There are proper channels to address your queries. Send us an RFI. Or...” he pauses, pocking an expensive-looking fountain pen into his mouth..” if you ask us nicely, we’ll print you still shots of any parts of the model you like...”

Thanks, mate.