Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Revit’s Perspective is skewed

“Currently, perspective views are used only for visualisation. You can select elements and change their properties (or delete them) from a perspective view, but you cannot edit any of the model using grips nor edit commands within these views.”
Says Chapter 16 of Mastering Revit Architecture 2010 (G Demchak, T Dzambazova, E Krygel);

If you think I’ve been shimmering with delight as I was copying this paragraph, you’re wrong.
It gives me no pleasure at all to shine my little torch on this ‘little’ shortcoming of Revit.

Twenty years ago any ability of a software-package to place a 3D view on my screen, axonometric or isometric earned my respect. Ten years on I expected my modelling tools to allow me to work directly in 3D and not have to flip-flop between camera setting and 2D reference views.
Nowadays, my expectations are higher. –  Considering I have not grown up on computer games, i.e. my expectations are still in synch with the way the field developed, this is reasonable.
Products may be OK to be developed in axonometrics , buildings need workable and dynamic perspective views.

I’d forgive Revit all of this if it was not pushed so heavily as the ‘leading BIM application’.
A bit like watching a famous celebrity struggling amongst professionals in “Dancing with the Stars”.

For a ‘leading’ anything, it should do better.


  1. I agree 100%. Even in an isometric 3D view you have extremely limited snapping abilities for a 3D program.

  2. I learned early that Revit's 3D editing involved pink 2D line segments in plan view, and little more. I'm glad you're giving a voice to this obvious inadequacy.

  3. you sound like an immature little child with these comments that obviously are derived from a lack of knowledge of the relevant software that you are so critical of.

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