Thursday, March 5, 2015

“BIM 2016… Are you REALLY Ready?” Heck, yeah!

Scoring imaginary BIM points by mocking the UK BIM mandate is a waste of time, I know.
It is extremely tempting to indulge in it regularly too, considering what is going on in the field and the overall AEC industry.
The state of the Global Industry’s BIM understanding is so bad – and what the UK ‘leaders’ are doing about it is so ridiculously funny that altogether the situation is really rather sad.

So, when I get yet another invitation to line up obediently and get taught by the high and mighty
David Philp Head of Government's UK BIM TASK GROUP, Director of BIM AECOM on (quote):

How to become Level 2 BIM Ready for 2016
How will Level 2 BIM effect your company?
How will Level 2 BIM be assessed
How BIM will increase your profits.
As I did, this morning….The ears prickle, the fingers tingle and another totally useless blogpost is in the writing, while all other useful things one should do on a weekend (cleaning, ironing, mosaicking…) are put on hold.

Hey world, wake up!
UK Government and UK Construction Industry too!  
You are paying a ‘make-believe game’ and many of us can see through this.
 Yes, there is only a handful of us, we are weak, and small and scattered around the industry doing grudgingly what we are told to do to make a living, but please don’t try to rub it in by making it look ‘oh so sophisticated’, clever and innovative.
And real.

For the record: Am I REALLY ready? (you’ve been asking me repeatedly) – am I ready?
I was born ready. But you….well I’d be a bit worried there... if I was you.