Friday, September 9, 2011

Put me out of misery, are they or are they not?

Woods Bagot. Bulk moving to a different modelling software?
A friend of mine applied for a position there recently and was given a long list of software packages (each a lifetime to learn properly) to declare his expertise level on.
Did not get the job, unfortunately.

Now, I am one of those people that has been uttering things like “we do not want to be locked into one package..” and “choose the right tool for the right task...” for a long time, even before the now fashionable label of ‘BIM agnostic’ was introduced.
BIM agnostic? Sounds a bit like being gender-neutral, not pink or blue, just a pasty shade of cream.

Still, I am a bit sceptical about a large, international firm being truly able to maintain an open mind on what software packages to use and still have a consistency of services/outputs throughout the company.

Did a bit of a speed-research on the company myself, scrolled over their word-wide job ads.
They DO appear to cover a large range of tools, from Revit, through Archicad, Rhino, Sketch up, even hand sketching... Not quite sure if the last implies sketching hands or sketching using hands, hence the Escher illustration accompanying this post.

There was one beauty I found while trawling though their ads though:
a role advertised as ‘Design Intelligence Coordinator’;
Really liked that one!