Monday, September 26, 2011

I don’t answer my mobile phone while I’m in meetings...

Nor at lunches, dinners, presentation or whenever someone is interacting with me in ‘real’.
Call me old fashioned, I find the practice rude.
Emergencies? OK, there are some, I admit. But current mobile technology will allow the receiver to know the caller, the place called-from, even the emotional level the message is likely to be set-at before the call needs to be answered.

There is a ‘BIM’ aspect of this little annoyance of mine and today I’ll attempt to describe here, what I call the ‘AEC engineer’s communication paradox’.

The AEC is staffed by a large number of well educated, smart, generally practical and able engineers of various disciplines, age and experience.
Common to most is their strong attachment to the mobile phone, depending on geography they operate in, sometimes two, or even three of them.
Observing them from a distance you’d think their lives are planned out in detail, their work highly efficient.

Contrast this the way they handle project information, building based, something that is at the core of their professional being.
They get someone else to create it, manipulate it, store it, share it...

They must always answer their phone as if their life was dependent on it (and most of the time it is not) yet, they hand over all responsibility to project information to draftsmen, caddies, admin people and others.