Monday, September 5, 2011

There is no such thing as natural beauty...

...says Dolly Parton playing the confident hairdresser Truvy, in Steel Magnolias..
A lovely, slightly sugary movie studded with stars and memorable quotes.
Truvy sets herself up with lifelong clientele working on the principle of nature always being able to do with a bit of a helping hand.
There is no perfect modelling package in AEC, all can do with a bit of Truvy type magic.

Today, I take a break from the big questions of the BIM philosophy as I wish to point out some nice features that I like in two different modelling packages (see pictures attached):

DWG vector files when imported to Revit show up in 3D as visible lines, circles, hatches.
Archicad has a little gadget within the Trace & Reference command that will allow you to split the screen and slide either up/down or sidewise.

Neither could be called an absolute must but oh, so useful when one models at the construction end.

BTW, have you noticed that there are NO modelling packages on the market dedicated to construction? Or are there?
Everyone seems to assume that there is either no need to do modelling in construction (I.e. all models come from designers ready for construction-BIM) or that design modelling packages will do fine for the contractors as well.

What is good for the goose should work for the gander?


  1. If you consider what ArchiCAD inherited from Constructor (construction caliber quantities, trace reference, MEP modeling), it appears to be a great candidate for the role. Shame that Graphisoft insists in selling it exclusively as a architectural design tool.

  2. You are absolutely right Miquel...there is an opportunity there...

  3. I was surprised, but it looks to me like Tekla is as close to "BIM for Construction" as anything. And I use ArchiCAD.