Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The road to BIM is paved with wasjigz...

Part of the basic training of any BIM coordinator should be the exposure to and prolonged practice at solving wasjig puzzles.
If you have not had the pleasure of any of these little exercises given to you before, in brief: wazjigs are  jigsaw puzzles where puzzlers have to use their imagination and follow hints/clues to work out what the image they need to create from the box containing (most usually) 1000 pieces is supposed to be.
This game in fact asks for skills very similar to those needed to tackle 3 out of the 5 main task sets of a BIM coordinator;

Step 1: Assess the information given to you
Step 2: Interpret the information given to you
Step 3: Turn the information into a meaningful output

Admittedly, there are many thinking games available to those that want to keep their brains in good shape for problem solving, the reason I like wasjigs is that they promote the same feeling of despair as a standard set of consultant provided building documents, when I first look at them, yet I also know, they are solvable.

I look at the box of pieces and think, ‘no way I can put anything meaningful together from these...’ but I also appreciate, that it is only the matter of time and patience for a comprehensive image to emerge...
Go wazjigs!