Friday, September 16, 2011

Filled out a car-lease form today...

In Archicad. No joke.
The form came as a jpeg.
Typically I’d print it off, hand-write the data, scan it back to the sender.
My computer and the one I have the printer-and-scanner on are not directly linked up, I email between the two, sometimes use a pen-drive.
I walk from my desk to the other, a couple of times.
And worse of all: I have to handwrite the document!

Today, at the end of a long working day, I’m too droopy to do all of these steps and pull the form into Archicad.
Well, it was open anyway, one less click...
Fill it out, sign (have tools for the curvy bits) and send it back as a PDF. Done!

This little non-event proves little apart from my laziness but there is an interesting parallel to consider:
Not that long ago, vast teams of researchers attempted to design ideal kitchen layouts for housewives to move shorter distances between the sink, the stove, the fridge and the pantry.
The approach got somewhat discredited when the obesity epidemic hit the western-nations and every extra step wheedled into one’s life had a possible positive impact on longevity...

What pulls these two stories together for me is the way we humans operate – sometimes predictably, often not, instead just follow the line of least-resistance.
I guess, that is predictable too!