Friday, September 2, 2011

Balls and balls....

“It takes balls to stand up and say, BIM isn’t working”...comments a friend privately on my latest post. Hmmmm...
Not sure if I can take this as a compliment, though makes me think about how ‘balls’ get used in all sorts of parallels, in business world as well as everyday life.
“I never said BIM was not working, just...” I start my response, then delete it.
“Never mind...” – never makes it to him...

Still, if you are a shrewd project manager representing a building owner (like my friend), your gut feeling is right: squeezing the tendering/constructing general contractor’s balls is still cheaper than employing any meaningful BIM on your building-project and will get you the same results, or better!

You also have the ability to manipulate the consultants, get them produce tonnes of mildly intelligent looking documents at less than acceptable rates.
I know it is like herding cats, still easier than getting a middle-of-the road BIM solution off the ground.
As long as they meet the target dates and deliverables are plenty, everyone is happy.
Throw in a well known name for good measure and some quirky design and who said making buildings wasn’t fun?

I have a-lot-of respect for PMs operating in the AEC – when they see real potential in BIM that’s when BIM will start to make headway.
Balls or no balls.

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