Saturday, September 24, 2011

What is your BIM IQ?

“With due respect”...said the guy forewarning that what he was about to say, paid no respect to his target...
Can’t quite remember his exact words, but he was belittling the presentation that the young-lady just delivered showing Vico, live.

Now, demonstrating any software real-time is a tricky-business, not recommended for the faint hearted. A bit like attempting tricky acts on stage, performing on the trapeze even...

I was contemplating in wonderment what the presenter just delivered, a sample-workflow shown real-time using an incredibly complex suite, so I missed the beginning of the chap’s talk.
Thankfully got the gist of it by the end, it was to do with how the software-providers presenting were trivialising the tasks that the audience faced daily, you-know, MEP coordination!

MEP coordination? Uttered in the same sentence with a putdown for Vico’s Office shown life in all its beauty?

True, she used only a limited number of building elements in her file. It is not a good sign either when GS’s building-site and brick-buildings are paraded endlessly to prove a point.
The 4D clip shown at the beginning started its life as a revolutionary 5D sample some 5 years ago, so maybe that was a bit of a let-down too.

Still, MEP coordination?
I should choose the events I attend more carefully.
Sorry organisers, my compliments do go to your lady-presenters!


  1. The young lady did a great job. Been there, done that - and it was her first time presenting such a complex suite.

    Whoever had the MEP coordination comment shows his ignorance and the lack of vision. That is basic design coordination stuff, BIM or no BIM! HELLO!

    Looking at a new Porsche and asking can it be used as a baby stroller? Duh ...

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