Thursday, September 8, 2011

If I had a spare million Dollars...

I’d spend it on a particular ‘prize for a solution’ project.
I know, I know...there are millions of holes in the world that my money could fill, not to mention the multitude of needs quite close to home...

But, just for a moment, let’s imagine a bag with a million dollars falling from the sky with the option to use it one and only one way, and that is, as prize money for my project.

And the project?
To figure out a fool-proof way of assessing any set of construction 2D documentation, interpreting it and turning into a 3D digital model.
Creating ‘the’ magical box that one can feed in sheets and sheets of drawings and it will spit out the digital 3D model after a press of a button.
Can’t be done?

Let’s see what a million dollars can do? From my end, I’ll do my part for free.
I will not contest the prize, as my way of doing the above described task-set is less then magical and far too slow to be considered ‘press of a button’ even in a symbolical sense.

I can still contribute! I can help with PR, provide awareness of the competition going on, talk to clients and media, get the interest going, ask the tricky questions!
Like, why is such a machine needed in the first place?