Thursday, September 1, 2011

The birds and the bees...

Or the subject of buildings’ lifecycle-costs...
I’ll leave the opportunity to study this topic in depth for the future;

Today, a note to building owners:
“If you are being talked into using BIM purely to have an OM/FM ready model at the end: BE CAREFUL!”
Remember, you are sinking your funds into creating a building in the most efficient way.
There are numerous ways that you can achieve this goal and you employ professionals to get you the best blend of technology, skills, experience, work-methods, productivity etc etc...

Don’t get fooled into shiny solutions that are not proven yet!
Why agree to be the experimental rat for someone’s pet science-project or fund others playing with technology to prove a theory that has shown to be unworkable for two decades?
Since when have you been known as easy target for software companies selling boxes of overpriced tools?
Think again! Traditional construction information management is rubbish.
But there is still no better alternative widely available.

And for that OM/FM ready model?
Well, in the last quarter of your building you can get your as-builds and go down to a good digital modelling shop and have it modelled, quick and cheap.
Alternatively, the FM provider may chuck the services in for free just for the opportunity to work for you.
You just never know with this BIM stuff...

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