Thursday, September 29, 2011

But, how do you KNOW it is correct?

This is the question I drive everyone nuts-with around work.
They think, it is a trick-question designed to trip them up.
No, I am genuinely interested, how all the entities claiming to be doing BIM models built-off other parties’ 2D outputs are able to satisfy themselves that the 3D model is the accurate representation of the drawings.

Not that it can’t be done, but is it practical?
When you need one party to chew through hundreds (if not thousands) of drawings to interpret and digitise the building, will another do the same, just to check the first’s work is acceptable?
Are ‘spot’ checks really efficient? Are QA procedures really any good?

There is an emerging army of BIM service providers claiming to be specialists in the field, able to create singing-dancing multi-D virtual buildings off anyone’s documentation.
Pretty renders, stills and animations of small to large projects are eagerly distributed to potential clients as proofs to these capabilities.
However when it comes to QA processes their offerings are all pretty ‘bland’, filled with procedural jargon, checklists and tables that give no assurance for me that they cracked this mystery.

I accept that whoever does crack it, will own a pretty nifty piece of IP and won’t want to share it with anyone.
I also suspect, to recognise the real one when I come across it.