Thursday, September 22, 2011

When did promoting BIM turned to be so un-cool?

When did it happen?

One day you are the flavour of the month, the forward thinker, the innovator, your name is uttered with the utmost respect by the highest ranking in the company..., you feel like you’re selling the idea of eating green broccoli for breakfast to a bunch of preschoolers.

One day people tower over your screen in dozens to admire the latest interactive digital creation you produced, breathlessly watch every move of your mouse. They forward you BIM related internet findings, they refer to you their colleagues with BIM aspirations...
next...they treat you like you were all of the company’s H&S and Q&A officers blended into one and no one shares their table with you at the cafeteria.

One day you are their savour, the ticket out of the drudgery of everyday work, the tamer of the 2D dragon..., you are part of the fun-police, you make rules, talk policies, procedures and are boring (even to yourself...)

The ‘research’ label is dropped from your door, the hologram of your business card fades.
You no longer feel ‘leading’ anything and even your biggest fans stop referring to you as the ‘cutting-edge dude’.

An everyone’s-friend, geek-prince you find yourself turned into a detested autocratic frog!
If this is what one means by maturing BIM, I can’t say that I like it.