Monday, June 23, 2014

First Openly Anti (mainstream) BIM-Book on the Market!

I’m considering publishing a book.
What a ‘revolutionary idea’, one might say!
I wrote: ‘considering’, not that it is a done deal yet.

Here is a bit of a market research I’m doing for now, but no need to do any surveys, cast votes, phone in or SMS your preferences;
Instead, I offer a couple of hints what this book (if it eventuates) will be about and invite anyone interested to comment on the idea.
In this blog or writing to me on
Ignore the request if you deem the initiative not to be worthy of your attention.

First Openly Anti (mainstream) BIM-Book on the Market!

Feeling uneasy about the globally spreading BIM craze?
Struggling to make meaningful decisions, stand firm by your intuition to be cautious and skeptical and unable to effectively withstand the force of the overzealous BIM promoters?
Suffering from lack of alternatives to wholeheartedly embrace the BIM mantras and are left searching unsuccessfully for more balanced strategies to follow?

There is a new industry publication in the making with the aim to assist people like you.
An easy to read book that will elucidate the theory and practice of BIM and give clear pointers on what to take seriously out of it, what to consider but be ready to discard and what to throw away without question.

Its main aim is to assist professionals like you to:
·         Focus on your strengths, don’t waste your resources on unproven fads!
·         Resist industry-wide dominating BIM peer-pressure without being perceived a luddite!
·         Challenge Mandatory BIM requirements but don’t appear obstructive or risk losing out on job opportunities!
·         Pass onto others the cost of compliance, do away with carrying the risk of non-compliance!

The FOAm BIM Book is going to be an unusual, yet highly valuable resource for those managing AEC companies as clients, contractors and/or consultants.
Pragmatic, practical and accessible to all AEC project stakeholders.

Interested? Let me know!
Comment here or write to
(let me know if this is NOT the first of a kind – would love to read others on the topic)