Saturday, June 27, 2020

Graham's post: BIM the Predefine2020 way

Welcome to my Blog. 

Truth to be told, it has been my wife’s blog for over 10 years, but she does not mind sharing her established platform with me.

She knows a lot about BIM, I call her a BIMfluencer.

If there is such a thing, like, forever wanting to change the world preaching about BIM.

I’m a scientist. I like things with no frills, going straight to the meaning of the lesson.
My message today is simple, though might not be as short and snappy as I’d like it to be:

If you work in construction, you can’t ignore BIM – yet I can bet on that, you are not sure what good is it to you. (even if your company is ‘BIM enabled’)
If you work in construction, you are likely to waste a lot of time/money because how projects are documented.

BIM, drawings and specs are hurting you and we’re here to help.
Our BIM company is like no other!
Our services are designed to verify, filter, sort and serve up information in the most efficient way for our clients.
SHORTCUT is the key word!

Here is an example. Entire house documentation packaged in one model including drawings and specifications. And all cross referenced, accessible even on your mobile apps.

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