Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BIM for building owners

Of course, I’m pleased when owners ask for BIM...
Apart from the colour their BIM specifications bring into the dullness of my daily work, these ARE signs of the BIM-thing moving somewhere.
Just about any random line of these well padded documents would keep in business for a while a regiment of BIM specialists, so the need is there; we are on the right track here.
Or, are we?

I have the pleasure to deal with the back end of the BIM specifications, i.e. those written with the contractor in mind.
Well thought out pieces of labour these are.
I hope they have their big brothers/sisters doing their work up the food-chain too, i.e. the consultants get a juicy set of BIM conditions given to them too.
Page xx within the document would highlight:
“Consultant is to make the design BIM freely available to the contractor at tender stage”...

That would be fair and reasonable.
It would be, if not for a tiny technical problem.
These draconian... (or let’s keep it positive) ‘highly demanding’ construction BIM specifications are often written by the consultants performing the front end part of the job.

The ones that make the rules for the construction BIM are the same entities that dump the truckload (and I MEAN truckload) of chaotically put together tender documents on the contractor at tender stage.