Sunday, September 25, 2011

Throwing BIM pearls before...

Yesterday’s post was too specific yet cryptic.
That’s the feedback. Well, let me clear the message I hid so well (badly) only few may have got:

Some BIM products’ sellers should be allowed to set an entry test for their users before they were offered to buy them.
A minimum level of BIM IQ – a threshold of understanding of the approach, below what the clever software was not an option to purchase.
Sounds arrogant?
Maybe. Supply and demand are strong drivers of markets. Limited distribution of a BIM-toolset to only those that use it properly could ultimately turn into a wise decision for a developer.

It is not unusual for educational institutions to select whom they would take on as clients.
Could this not be applicable to BIM suppliers?
Does not tend to be, unfortunately.

The reason I did not spell this thought clearly out yesterday was partially because it was about Vico, and I am unsure of its current abilities, stability, robustness etc...
So, I could not suggest that they take up such selective marketing as to test their prospects before they offer-up for purchase.

But then, little old me, I’m happy to say that I have my own threshold I carefully maintain when I choose for whom I will work for.
Sadly, this had not always been the case and may change too.