Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I saw my second pink Hummer in a week...

A cool car if ever there was one...

Am not really a petrol-head (who’d admit to be one), still I often talk about personal transportation, as a manmade system we can learn a lot from.

All of us daily commuters are not friends, business relations, not even acquaintances.
Common to us all is that we need to get from A to B, with as little hassle as possible. So, we abide (mostly) by the rules, operate the machinery in a reasonable manner and look out for the fellow travellers.
Based on these very-basic but common goals and objectives, this system of multiple-parts is continuing to develop all around the world.

Now, imagine if there was a large portion of the travellers that refused to operate the machinery.
No problem, you’d say, that is what taxis, public transport, chauffeur driven limos are there for.
But, what if this segment, due to personal beliefs, fear, arrogance or ignorance decide that the only way they’d take part in this system is by using horses and carts, driven by others.

What would this do to a dynamically developing system of infrastructure, vehicles and road-rules that we are familiar with?
Adjusted speed limits? Allowances made for horse watering holes?
An army of coach drivers matched by another of no-drivers?

Sounds bizarre?
Welcome to information-management within the AEC, as performed globally.