Monday, May 30, 2011

Turner turns to Sketchup Pro...

... and together they fill fifteen pages of Google-search results. A bit of a digital ‘scratch my back’ and ‘I’ll scratch yours’ approach in action or a well placed press release?

Wouldn’t call this an article and as a press release it is hard to fault, I have been known to predict (foresee or hope for) more decisive use of Sketchup in AEC, especially at the construction end.
A couple of intelligent lines on the software: user friendly, lightweight and scalable.
Snazzy jargon on range of benefits to appeal to current and future clients. A win-win?

Call me a cynic – but this smells of old fashion-centralised marketing. Top down, every word of the poor statement scrutinised to death by both affected parties.

So, sorry – this is a no news-news really.
I’d expect something different from the Google/Turner tandem, something edgy, that would ‘dash around the world’ on its own – self animating, walking-talking Sketchup models on I-phones, Turner avatars counting virtual bolts on top floors of virtual skyscrapers while simultaneously exchanging sport results with crane drivers on the other side of the globe.

What these guys are doing may be cool, but if it really was groundbreaking it would have come to me as a viral by now – and forwarded by my 13 year old, who incidentally is celebrating her birth day today.

Happy BD Ella!

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