Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to recognise the BIM NHNTs in AEC?

There is a lot to admire in people/companies refusing to jump on the BIM bandwagon. Common to all is their confidence in what and how they are doing. They resist most techno-hypes and run successful businesses using tools/systems and processes they trust.
They are in minority these days. Their group is similar in size to the true BIM-ers on the other end of the spectrum, the ones that have grown grey by being ‘early adopters’, the ones that forced many-a-new-toolset onto processes largely un-supportive of any change or improvement.

The majority of players belong to the ‘neither-here-nor-there’ (NHNT) group and unlike many other industries keep the AEC in a very unhealthy balance.
You will have no difficulty recognising the NHNTs;
First, by method of elimination – both BIM extremist groups wear their colours openly.

If still unsure, here are some pointers to use:
The NHNTs promote themselves aggressively to current and future clients as ‘leading BIM/technology enabled companies’
They pepper their everyday speak with BIM jargon
They are in bed with one software provider and do lot of pilots and case studies.
They clash-detect and maintain drafting manuals.
They have specialist specification writers.
They fight tooth and nail not to give away any model data (ever)
They visibly distance themselves from the BIM extremist but keep other NHNTs under constant watch.
They present at BIM conferences.


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