Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogger was down for (at least) 36 hrs late last week...

Known as a strong critic of many things-digital, one would rightly expect from me to condemn Blogger.
Actually, I feel sincere sympathy.

There’s of course the question of how wise it is for many effected companies to build their entire businesses on something that can easily fail?
Not very wise – though if one gets too cautious, one needs to take into account that electricity can (and does) fail, gas, oil and other commodities can disappear too.
Critical industries (emergency, health, defence etc) put contingency plans in place; small businesses are less likely to do so;
Consequently the robustness of SaaS, cloud-computing, BIM-servers and others all need to be scrutinised when building a BIM venture.
Still, I’d never advocate not innovating, because the infrastructure may fail.

Another thought to consider: Isn’t it unfortunate, that inner workings of the ‘internet’ are largely hidden from most of us?
If I used a road regularly and it became congested beyond manageable I’d treat with understanding any move to manage the situation by the owner.

I see the road – I understand the difficulties. With the internet, the road and the congestion are invisible.

Within BIM there exists a similar phenomenon – too often clients and practitioners set their expectations at unrealistic levels without understanding the limitations of the unseen and thus intangible infrastructure that is used to deliver their BIM projects.

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