Monday, May 23, 2011

Not a saleswoman for BIM

It may be news to you – I am no saleswoman for BIM. If BIM disappeared today – I’d be OK.
I studied architecture in the mid eighties and my beginnings at the University weren’t great. However, the first top mark on an exam I earned (within the first year) was for a subject I became attached to for life: Descriptive Geometry.
Following graduation, for a while I entertained the idea of dedicating my career to the subject and taught DG for 3 years at another University.
Then fate took me to NZ, where DG was unheard of, but it allowed me to purchase my first Flatcad.

Moving autobiographical titbits aside, these are the skills DG afforded me:
I learned to properly construct a three point perspective of a scene
Work out exact areas of cuts-and-fills resulting from roads going through difficult terrains
Define all edges, ridges and falls of complicated roof structures
Create shadow-falls at different times of the day of complicated curvy elements on each other and the ground.
Cross bodies by using DG Boolean-operations and unfold the common-parts into flat planes for physical model-making.

I don’t sell BIM or bits related, but am still very enthusiastic about it. Why?
With age one gets a bit choosy where one’s energy is used – those DG tasks take a hell-of-a-lot of effort and time.

BIM is easier.

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