Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Christchurch special: The director’s cut (Do try this at home!)

When you have a couple of teenagers living with you, the “shining wit” – somewhat rude spoonerism tends to permanently inhabit your vocabulary.
It was quite surprising still, to find myself recently and accidently grunting: “Go shake a tower!”
And that then reminded me of Christchurch, the shaking of the towers and the Earthquake.

We once had a great client then (and hopefully still) based in Christchurch.
We did a lot of work for them. All around the country. Their projects still pop-up in my blogs illustrating various serious and less serious points.
Two of their guys I became quite fond of...
One day history may declare them as the BIM-pioneers of New Zealand...

But, this is not what I was going to write about today...
Today, I have a special treat on offer.
You can down load the sample of the project (link at the end of the blog) and view it with the RH/DE viewer (free);

Originally this was meant to be a simple, pre-tender construction-sequencing but the boys (in the office) made it totally OTT.
Look out for:
Slide-in Interior light fittings
Multiple entries of the concrete trucks
Rotating nuts
Mischievous Helicopter
Crane misbehaving

Hope you do download the file and the viewer.
After all, you also ask your clients to get out of their comfort-zones and view your files digitally!
Don’t you?

PS – just as I finished this blog I realised, that I cannot make RH files available for download through Google docs. L
So, instead I uploaded the PDF version; I am happy to email the RH file (or the PDF) to anyone interested;

 (download Deep View for the RH file only, email me for it)

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