Thursday, May 5, 2011

Modelling for construction, interpretation and coordination.

Modelling to interpret IFC drawings and to aid coordination prior to construction is the ‘fruit that hangs’ even lower than clash detection:

I have been thinking since yesterday if I should pre-empt likely comments on my column post – or column-column and explain myself further...(I can also call it  a column on the post too if we assumed that columns and posts were interchangeable in construction jargon as well as journalism...)

Or should I just move onto something more exciting, getting a bit flat here?

Apologies for being a bit of a broken record – but there is really no way forward for BIM (I believe) until the need for basic modelling in construction is eliminated, i.e. there is a meaningful design model in existence and available to contractors prior or at least at the start of construction.
A digital model that is capable of replacing or at least being totally in sync with IFC drawings
(IFC = Issue For Construction).

Currently (often) GCs foot the bill for construction modelling and it is a costly exercise.
The major factor of cost is not what is being modelled but how many drawings and other documents need to be found, opened, interpreted for a competent modeller to be able to model it;

Hard to call this BIM, really – building owners please, demand pre-construction, digital design models from your consultants!

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