Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cool cars and navigating digital building-models

I’ve never owned a cool car. Apart from the little black Mini (born 1980) but she was prone to breaking down hence quite a liability. Incidentally, she was the only one we named, the ‘shopping trolley’ and ‘soap-dish’ we had since do not count.

So, my interest in cars has been largely practical – take me from A to B, don’t demand too much fuel and be easy to park.
Despite of history of driving mediocre vehicles and lack of experience with cool-cars – I notice the ones around me that stand out (and where I live at the moment offers plenty of eye-candy);

I may never own or even drive any of those – still nice to see where technology and design is getting to.

I approach tools in my trade in a similar way.
I may never go beyond off-the-shelf modellers and middle-of-the road renderers and navigators, I still keep my eyes and ears open for new ‘gadgets’.

So, I was a bit disappointed, when 82 comments to a recent question on BIM Experts Group-page (Anyone know how to export 3d model to pdf? With all properties ie rotating .& object properties...) brought in very little new or interesting.

It is not easy to stay motivated and aim to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini one day, when all you see your peers care for are Corollas.

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