Friday, May 13, 2011

BIM models and a Pineapple hedgehog

Children play games of blindfold. Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey is one.
Disorientating the ‘victim’ is at the core of the game.
It could be a mean trick and when adults playing blindfolds it often is.

The parallel between being blindfolded/disoriented with what we do when we interpret building design and construction information may not be apparent at first – but does exist.

Recently, I wrote about the lack of tools for 3D grids, levels, north-points.
Stefan Boeykens helpfully suggested ways to overcome these challenges. (see link);
He is correct, all these issues can be addressed by work-arounds.

I like to put this concept on its head with the following claim:
3D navigation elements are left-off intentionally (2D often too) to ‘blindfold’ the user/interpreter of the information.
A client (or a contractor) viewing a 3D model without obvious spatial references has no choice but to focus on the superficial.
The ability for meaningful analysis and scrutiny is also limited.

When I guide for-construction modelling, I show the modellers a Pineapple hedgehog;
A favourite centrepiece of retro parties – it works on the concept of a central anchor (potato, watermelon, kumara) with pieces of pineapple, cheese, fruit and vegetable stuck into it.

All digital models should have viewable anchors as references. All info should be stuck to the anchor.

Resist getting blindfolded – demand a digital hedgehog (anchor, reference system) be always provided!

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