Thursday, May 26, 2011

Project Managers, geography and something to do with signs in Hungary

Sometime when asked about where I’d come from originally, I say, in the area I was born and grew up countries expire sooner than one’s passport.
A sad joke really, not that far from the truth.
The first 2 decades of my life the region did enjoy some stability, things turned to custard in the 1990s.
I was 25 when the Berlin Wall went, then in the following years the Balkans gradually disintegrated through a miserable, country-wide-version of a Big Brother game, where on the end ‘there was only one left’.

So, you’d think nothing could surprise me any more regarding the geographical location and state-alliance my home town, Novi Sad would get into. You’d be wrong;
Just in the last couple of days I discovered from an international consultancy’s website (see link) that Novi Sad now belongs to Poland.

What’s this got to do with BIM? Not much really, I just though it quite interesting how Scott Wilson (now part of URS) is active in Serbia.

Another amusing blog-filler: examine the second picture included within this post and tell me, what is wrong with it?
Can’t guarantee accuracy, has been posted by an architect on FB. (we studied together long time ago.) So, must be true.
If you can’t figure it out, come back in a day or two - I’ll post an explanation.


  1. So the answer to the second picture query is what exactly? I've looked through the blog and can't find your answer...

    I'd assume it's the fact that the braille is an almost total waste of time as the schematic is not intelligible to a blind user, and it seems to have multiple rooms with the same number. Am I close?!

  2. Ben C, there is a plexi sheet over the sign;

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