Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The marker-upper and developing photos the long way (as relevant to BIM)

For AEC to improve, the delegated capturing/modifying of design information should be totally eliminated.
The ‘delegated info manipulation’ is me saying nicely that I do not like the concept of ‘marking up’ drawings for someone else to implement.

This practice is totally unsustainable and should go. Marker-upper = Hands off consultant. Dangerous!
Please note, I promote the concept of eliminating double (multiple) handling of information before it gets solidified on a progress as opposed to advocating that everyone in the design chain (from the stararchs, project architect and all types of design-engineers) must model their design-info themselves.

Developing a photo-film negative into a picture is an exciting process, I would recommend to everyone to try it.
But, would you rely on this process if you needed to capture and assess images of something, anything?
In construction: do you go out to a site, take lots-of progress photos, go back to the office, retire to the dark room and spend many hours developing, fixing, drying, enlarging – so that you can examine the pictures in detail?

You don’t. Instead, you use your digital camera and download the pictures straight to your computer and scrutinise them on your screen...
You may say, it’s not the same – and it is not, as the impact of marker-uppers on projects is much-much worse.
The secret is in having all hands-on contributors.

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