Thursday, May 12, 2011

A confession of a BIM-crafter: I have to use my hands to think

Most mornings my husband and I share the car-ride to get to work.
We tune in to Abu Dhabi Classic-FM and listen to the early risers’ cryptic clue.
Most mornings Graham solves the puzzle within 5 minutes. Driving the fast-lane, in his head.
He also knows hundreds of ancient songs, remembers car-plates and phone-numbers from 50 years ago, can multiply multi-digit numbers fast.
Admittedly, sometimes he forgets his glasses or children at home, no one is perfect.

A person closer to perfection was Nikola Tesla, a great engineer and inspiring inventor.
A quote from him:
“Before I put a sketch on paper, the whole idea is worked out mentally. In my mind I change the construction, make improvements, and even operate the device. Without ever having drawn a sketch.”

By contrast to both of these men I’ve got to use my hands to think.
I sketch, I doodle, I fiddle around the keyboard, mess about with the mouse.

I pride myself of being good at ‘reading plans’ and assembling 3D buildings from them.
BTW, have you ever met anyone working in the construction industry that does not claim the same or would admit not to be good at it?

Unlike most, I do admit to be needing ‘a little help from my friends’;
Maybe that is the reason, I find working with BIM quite exciting?

Pictures from the Tesla Museum in Belgrade (taken 16 years ago)

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