Friday, May 20, 2011

The evolution/revolution question of BIM? oldBIM, newBIM, realBIM?

Was it a rhetorical question even when I started with this blog? 
A third into my self-imposed timeframe, I am inclined to state that BIM is really going to be neither, it will fizzle out totally or at best turn into something quite different.
NewBIM practitioners will want to distance themselves from the past (BIMs), so it will be called something quite different.

The current BIM in not acting very evolutionally, if the last 20 years are to go by.
Evolution is a bit like a roll-of-toilet paper, a change that unfolds progressively;
Involves incremental changes, is mostly passive but indicates pragmatic growth.
Slow change may have happened in AEC due to BIM, pragmatic growth? NO.

For me revolution is like a bouncy-ball, radical and jumpy, triggering sudden changes. One moment it is here, the next over there.
BIM as practiced these days is definitely not a bouncy-ball!

Then there are the grey ones, slow unfolding revolutions and rapid evolutions, just to make the subject more difficult to generalise.

I put my money on the building owners instead, one day, soon I hope – they will en-masse start demanding different types of results.
And those results will ask for different types of BIM, newBIMs, realBIMs.

Meantime, I’ll be slowly getting old, maintain my oldBIM skills
...and keep one eye on the emerging newBIMs, will not hurt.

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