Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Too much information! (metadata traps in (BIM) model-management)

I promote skinny and lean BIM models.
Generally, when people FIRST get into model-based design and documenting, they get so excited about the ability of elements to carry a-lot-of intelligence that they burden their model to extreme.

There are 2 traps that are waiting for the unaware:
Being tempted to load up everything early in the project, with info that makes the model sluggish and easily outdated;
Continuously manipulating all the metadata created with no attempt to customise or filter.

Interested in an analogy?
Don a coat with lots of pockets.
Put something in every pocket ( paper-bits or, notebooks info-on-you – age, interest, height, favourite colours, music, shoe-size, grades at Uni...);

Try to get around a playground maze, run fast, do ice-skating. (equivalent of point 1: not easy to be agile when overloaded.)

Now stop!
I want a particular piece of information from you but neither of us know in what pocket is it in.
Can you find the correct notebook? Fast?

 This is not a silly parallel – there are numerous strategies needed to do BIM model management well – so, start being aware of these traps.
Learn how to recognise and evade them.

Trust me, an overloaded model can kill your project.

This post is aimed also at those that sell BIM software.
Too much info not necessary good in a model! Educate your clients!

PS – there are clever also smart objects/tools/aids and strategies available that can help you avoid these traps – more on those in the future;

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