Sunday, May 1, 2011

Construction managers: Do Sudoku, learn a new language!

Received an email from a friend today, challenging 2 of my recent posts.
He is a construction manager and wrote that, depicting what is below and above the cutting plane on drawings keeps his mind sharp and in shape.
He also questioned my praising of the construction-steel-suppliers arm of subcontractors (repeatedly – he says!) despite categorically refusing to acknowledge similarities between construction and manufacture.

Construction managers I’ve observed come largely in two flavours, ones that boast-a-lot and ones that get the job done.
My friend falls in the latter category and I’ve seen him perform miracles on site.

Not counter-arguing would not do him justice.
Bits from the response:

“...keep your brains working... do Sudoku, learn another language
Outsmart the  project managers, find mistakes in shop-drawings, identify potential variations, avoid accidents...
But, please advocate documenting buildings in 3D!

Just one guy on your site that turns the plan around repeatedly to find what way is up, can do you a lot of damage..

... do everything in your power to introduce building from model-based-construction documents a common practice to all sites.

... and as for steel and manufacturing?
Buildings are not cars – Organising the steel guys on buildings is still more similar to managing a good subcontractor in the restaurant supply industry than working a factory making vehicles.

I stay pretty adamant on that one. (too)”

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