Thursday, October 13, 2011

Up in the air...

Spent yesterday mostly in the air with some of it on the ground between flights, dosing...marvelling at the clockwork-style-machinery-way that the 3 airports I visited all worked – in 3 very different countries, culturally, economically, geographically varied, yet so similar in running airports.

I envy industries where the margin for error is small and where the need to fulfil is clear-cut.
Everything is about keeping-moving people and making sure no one gets hurt.
Come to think of it, on the surface, AEC is no different, the need is there and clear cut, hurting people isn’t desirable either.

Still, these two objectives are much weaker in the industry I work-in compared to the one that is air-travel, much less are they part of what drives the various participants in their daily chores – and consequently, the industry performs much worse.

The ‘big picture’ is evident at airports – even for the lowliest worker, the need, this ‘machinery’ is there to fulfil is obvious.
If you were to survey them randomly, you would come away satisfied with their understanding what they are there for, apart from earning the ‘right to take home the bacon’ or the ‘butter for their bread’, depending on the culture they’d come from.

Significantly different would these survey-results be, had you collected them from the AEC.
Will write more on my thoughts on this subject, tomorrow.