Saturday, October 22, 2011

“Autodesk And Gehry Technologies To Work Together To Improve The Way Buildings Are Designed And Constructed” the title of the press release.
While I skim over the carefully-crafted-spin, my imagination goes into overdrive – weaving an inspired string of positive effects that this cooperation will bring to the true BIM enthusiast....

If Autodesk is going to be ‘working together’ with Gehry Technologies, then surely Digital Project will be synched with the ABDS (also known as the Revit family of Products).
Digital Project uses Catia as its core engine, and Deep Exploration works beautifully with Catia, so ABDS will play with Catia and consequently DE, now owned by SAP... so I’ll be moving my paltry little files between all these world-leading packages seamlessly...

Guess what, I’m not the only one excited about this ‘working together arrangement’!
Yoshihiro Ichioka, deputy GM, Overseas Business Division, Obayashi Corporation is quoted in the same press release as being ‘very excited’ too.
This highly esteemed Corporation I got to know through various BIM-related press releases, last time about a month or so ago, in this one:

Obayashi Signs Agreement with NEC and GRAPHISOFT to Deliver "Smart BIM Cloud"

Obviously, no mention of these ‘other-interests’ of the valued client by Autodesk, curiously nothing about GT’s Digital Project or Catia either.

There is a sentence however, well couched within the press release, that ‘As a part of a comprehensive agreement, Autodesk has made an equity investment in Gehry Technologies.’