Friday, October 7, 2011

I’ll be in Novi Sad next week...

Primarily to visit my ailing father.
Catch a glimpse of his old self between the frequent time-travels he orchestrates these days calling upon his own long-dead parents and siblings.
I timed my visit to happen together with the double birthdays of my mother and sister.
So rare are the occasions we are together, might as well look for things to celebrate too, rather than just observe the aging-process helped by a myriad of illnesses rapidly eating away at my father.

Another neat coincidence brings BIM into the equation, my ‘fourth’ child, my real daughters sometimes label it.
A dear old acquaintance has scheduled the annually occurring Archicad users’ summit for the same weekend. He kindly invited me to present.
What alignment of the stars!
Mix in a cheap Turkish Airline ticket and its all go.

The last time I presented at this event it was exactly 5 years ago and I chose the subject of ‘virtual construction’. I talked at length about a project I was involved in at the time, a large multiuse development in Auckland, New Zealand. We were in the process of fully documenting it in 3D.
BIM isn’t actually that new, is it?

The event:
If you speak Serbian, have been infected by the BIM bug and would like to see a pretty town, get in touch with the organisers.