Sunday, October 30, 2011

The M&M’s

We humans are pretty single-dimensional and even when we say, we are open to changes, we like to have them packaged in manageable little-parcels.
When we’re hit by a divorce, we like to keep our jobs going steady; when the job falls-apart we want our health to be in good-shape, when a sickness strikes, it is good to have the family intact etc...
Strangely though, trouble seems to like to come in pairs, divorce knocks on the door at the time a bad illness is emerging, a redundancy likes to partner up with a wayward teenager getting into trouble and so on...

BIM is one of those sets-of changes that like to come in twos too, forcing changes to both methods and media.
While many within the field classify moving to Flatcad from the drawing as easy, that’s because the method stayed, the change only affected the medium used.
The forever-quoted parallel to ‘driving’ is similar – you’ll move relatively easily from driving a motorbike to a car or even a lorry.
The medium changes, methods are similar.

However, take the same medium you are familiar with (say-a-car) into an unknown environment (African Safari) and you will feel impacted stronger, especially if the car is now a terrain-vehicle and you need to manage two new “M”s, method and medium.
Adopting BIM is similar to this challenge.

(picture from M&M’S website)