Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I miss the ‘Wow factor’ in BIM...

Not the ‘glossy-toy’ type one, I might add – there is no lack of attempts to wow audiences with polished presentations by BIM vendors that shamelessly aim to quickly impress the curious and often ‘defenceless’ viewer and lock-up forever as a software-loyalist.
Nor the academy driven attempts to pass on lukewarm theories fashioned in sterile laboratories that may work in principle but are miles-off any reality and unlikely to turn into a workable solution this century or even the next.

No. I miss regular opportunities to be subjected-to or subject others-to positive surprises presenting substantial productivity boosts, ease of use, streamlining of workflows, navigation techniques etc...
Anything, that will make the industry stop for a second, audiences gasp with delight, blogs heat-up and kids start taking interest-in as the representation of a career worth considering.
I miss the feeling of envy that I could spend on competitors fortunate enough to come up with the answers to questions we only just asked.
A miss the glitz, the feel of contributing to something that matters.

BIM now sits between H&S and Sustainability when it comes to distinctive appeal or expectation to produce something revolutionary any time soon.
It’s kind of already ‘retro’ but not the cool type, more the cynical, ‘backwards-way-retro’, a move, if not quite to the past but not really towards the future either.
A flop.