Sunday, October 2, 2011

“...Anyway Deep Exploration is more engineering oriented software not really suitable for building industry... “

I quote Mr Robert Kalocay, commenting in a long-winded discussion on one of the LinkedIn Groups. The main question (and consequently the title) of the debate is “Archicad vs Revit”, however the 500+ comments have long wondered away from the “does-does-not” type of arguments to other nooks-and-crannies of the industry, as it tends to happen often when open ended questions are asked.
While I lost interest when the comments only just passed the 200 mark, I occasionally visit the group to scan over the latest additions, just in case.
Hence Mr Kalocay’s comment catching my eye.

First my blood boils, fingers itching to type a ‘too-smart for own good’ type of response, then I cool down, of-course, he means well, the above mentioned toolset is too smart for the present audience, the AEC industry even, he says it such himself....

A day passes, am cooled further and the sentence bothers me no more, indeed it fits well with my very recent posts on the minimum BIM IQ one may expect from a BIM ready industry to show up for at this stage of development.

Unexpectedly still, the thought continues to linger– despite of all my healthy/unhealthy cynicism, I realise now that I have never really and seriously considered the possibility that the AEC will just not be able to make ‘the shift’.
Maybe it won’t!