Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Black box BIM, no good BIM

I said it once, said it a hundred times: the number one goal BIM should be fighting for is increased transparency within building projects.
Not necessary ‘universal’ transparency, that is naive to expect, too many of the inter-party dynamics rely on manipulated transparency for this to happen any time soon.

No building owner worth their salt should pay any money directly or indirectly for any type of BIM if it’s main goal is not to increase project transparency for the said owner.
To state it bluntly: if the building owner is no more aware of what’s going on within the project post-BIM then pre-BIM, any money thrown at BIM is largely wasted.

What do I mean under project transparency?
Understanding what is going on.
Anytime, anywhere, with minimal skill, putting little effort or searching time and requiring specialist interpretational abilities to be able to make sense of complex documentation.
Is the design truly resolved? Are the documents synchronised across disciplines? 
Is the construction plan working? Are we behind? What do we need to do to catch up?
Where does the budget sit? Are we facing any VO’s?
Where are our weaknesses, what can we expect within the next week, month, year?

Transparency within the building project is the ability to constantly have a finger on the pulse.
Good BIM should enable this as a minimum.