Monday, October 17, 2011

My broken record of BIM

This picture (attached) has been doing its rounds on the FB and other social websites over the last couple of... months*.
A similar phenomenon little if at all known to current generations of digital information users is the concept of the ‘broken record’, though they may still get caught accusing their mates of sounding in such way. It is unlikely they ever had the opportunity to watch a squealing-needle get stuck in a groove of the black disk, causing the performer to endlessly repeat the same word or part of it.

Alarmingly often I find myself these days sounding like a broken record.
Well meaning people interested in what I do, tend to summarise my often lengthy explanations in the following way:
“You take the consultants' drawings prepared for a yet-to-be-built building, you digitally model the building before the contractor starts its own work. You ‘do’ clash detection and find where pipes go through beams. You save heaps of money for the owner..”

...and here comes the broken record... I repeat endlessly, how consultants’ drawings are almost in all cases not sufficient for digital modelling, let alone building. That they use masses of drawings to slow us down. That ‘clash-detection’ is a silly concept created by someone to take away interest from the previous problems...that I’m tired of explaining these same issues forever and ever...

(*I know, Barbara, I’m always the last one to notice)