Friday, October 14, 2011

...Down on the ground... I said yesterday, the ‘big picture’ is a bit of a problem for the AEC.
It gets lost within the masses of ‘little-ones’, fragmentation seems to be working against it.
While personal-aero-transportation appears to manage a similar fragmentation with more success – AEC projects get ground to-halt by the lack of understanding by most of what the big picture is supposed to be.

You need only look at the design phase of any old building project and it becomes apparent that the various parties involved in it, aren’t much driven to fit meaningfully within the big picture.
If they were, do you think ‘clash-detection’ would have ever gained traction?
Clash avoidance and coordination between discipline yes, but clash-detection?*

Sorry to be ridiculous, but when I was examining the workings of the 3 airports** I visited yesterday I was contemplating if the associated industry would be as welcome of an ‘aircraft clash detection approach’ to manage its main processes as the AEC seems to have been recently?
Somehow, I doubt it. An industry with little margin of error where it matters, cracked the issue of multiple aircraft landing and taking of simultaneously and hundreds of thousands of people getting to , from and transiting between those crafts in hubs located all over the globe.

The AEC gets excited when a beam manages to dodge a pipe.

* If you read my blog regularly, you know this is a bit of a bugbear for me, some of my friends regularly tease me on the subject.
**visible for public