Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Round Tuit for construction. Procrastination runs in our family...

Actually it does not run (due to its nature), rather paces slowly when it gets around-to-it.
Considering this, I’m surprised we’ve only few people within the wider family working in the AEC industry, likely to be the most procrastinating-one operating on earth.
Of course, I could be wrong – and the phenomenon of leaving ‘every little decision to the very last minute’ and ‘acting on it when one just can no longer postpone it’, is more widespread than I think, on the surface the results look worse for AEC than any other field I know.

Still, I am gearing up seriously for a career in Investigative BIM within AEC.
Maybe a while before that becomes reality but neither of Agatha Christies’ top two problem solvers (Poirot and Mrs Marple) could be classified as spring chickens;
While Sherlock Holmes was ‘only’ 39 when he first died, I still intend to declare myself an Investigative BIM practitioner when the time is right, no matter how old I become.

There is a little barrier in the way of my plans: The toolset for any aspiring BIM investigator is pretty thin, the art, science, even the craft are highly under-developed.
The imbalance of the type/quantity of artillery that the investigator and investigated own is so high, that the result is akin to police using rubbish cars, while crims run Ferraris.