Friday, October 28, 2011

It’s not called ‘the Browser’ for nothing...

...and I hope its counterpart’s name has been chosen carefully too.
I refer to the ‘filtering gadget’ that most AEC modelling packages have, the one that provides for easy assessment of project data, with the capability to quickly move between preset views.

Some are more powerful than others, the two I use regularly are Revit’s Browser and Archicad’s Navigator.
As their ability goes when it comes to do what they’re supposed to and the range of features each one offers, the two are quite similar, so I’ll not do any point-by-point appraisal.

Rather, I’d like to ponder their names.
Call me biased (by now, you know I am): I favour Archicad’s: NAVIGATOR.
It is an ‘active’ word, guides the user and pushes them into action.
Either letting them take the helm directly or by giving them tools to find their ways following preset maps.
It calls for engagement, pesters and nudges, provides for a dynamic environment.
It brings to me the image of the endless ocean pleading to be conquered.

Revit’s BROWSER sounds much more ‘passive’, pictures a leisurely leafing-through environment with tools to ponder the information needed to be perused.
A workplace that calms and unwinds, lets the user take steps at own pace, contemplate and reflect.

Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily, just takes a bit more self control to keep moving.

Picture: Linda Lapp Murray