Sunday, October 23, 2011

On this day, twenty-one years ago my mother fell in a concrete hole...

...and exploded her heel, she required multiple surgeries and numerous metallic implants over the following years.
Many observed at the time that she could have ‘easily’ died had she landed a bit differently.
She would have never known her 6 grandchildren born in the years following this accident.

That October in 1990 was eventful enough even without this crisis, I was expecting my first child while still working eagerly on getting the foundation of a new 3D modelling program off the ground.
The student helping me with the algorithms was clever, my vision clear, the Faculty mildly supporting, the bosses cautiously encouraging. Still, the said program never eventuated.

Contrary to what you might be thinking now (that I am lost in the past yet again) – I use this bunch of memories to paint the framework for a statement that is relevant, now:
Creating modelling software from scratch was possible in the nineteen-nineties, a bit into the early two-thousands, it is no longer a viable option.

The reasoning behind this thought is complex and I may elaborate on it one day when I’m short of subjects to write on, today – I just say:
Use off-the-shelf and established packages, customise if you really need-to but don’t go back to the basics.
The AEC tool-providers’ field is ruled by a few-giants, they will not let you get anywhere.