Friday, October 21, 2011

The saying ‘God is in the detail’...

... is often credited to the architect, Mies van der Rohe.
It is still a regularly used view, in fields beyond that architecture and buildings. 
"God is in the details," meaning opportunities come from digging into the details.
Others say "The devil is in the details," implying that the details might cause failure.
Both are true, I believe, one a bit more positive than the other.
However, it does not really matter which version is better.
The key message is "even the grandest project’s success relies on the quality of its smallest components."
Or, to continue my line of thought from yesterday’s post, digital-construction-modelling must focus on the detail, software developers wanting to succeed in this field: take note!

Another ‘revelation’ resulting from writing my post yesterday for me: using BIM and VC as interchangeable terms is not appropriate.
While they ARE similar, transposing one over the other can be misleading.

For example, a wall, slab, roof modelled as a simple digital shape and enhanced by intelligent parameters could be classified as BIM in action, however I’d not call it ‘virtual construction’ as its use within VC would be highly limited.
On the other side, an extensively detailed steel structure (including nuts and bolts) may be perfect for using in VC methodologies but unable to meet the minimal intelligence asked from a useful BIM model.