Saturday, October 15, 2011

The closet organiser

I once knew a lady who claimed to be a professional ‘closet organiser’. She was employed by other, mostly well-off ladies to sort their closets (wardrobes) out.
Following a get-to-know-you session, where a lot of personal information was released on how the closet and its content were used, the CO set out to ruthlessly go through the employer-lady’s bits and pieces and reorganise them.
Some things she threw out, others retained. New partitions, drawers and baskets were purchased and installed. Everything was put in their exactly set place.
When I asked the acquaintance on how successful the business was – she said very successful, most of her clients required her to come back regularly and re-sort everything.

As I search for best practice in content classification within AEC, the organiser lady often comes to mind. I don’t think best practice actually exist. There are good ones, adequate ones but not a ‘one size fits all’.
Actually, I was not going to write about the closet-organiser friend today, but ran out of time for my post today and this was the longest half-though I had noted on my list of possible subjects for the blog over the last-couple of months.
Verdict to this writing: Needs more work.
I know – will come back to it. Now off to have dinner with a dear friend I see really rarely.